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By | January 5, 2020

The official website of GE Money Bank. Does not require a credit check, no interest in a life without the annual fee, not a bank does not buy prepaid credit card Wal Mart.

Support for the gas supply at the national level

Bentonville, Arkansas, May 17 / PRNewswire / – Today, announced that Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT), its first cash-back incentives to use prepaid debit cards. If Walmart Money Card to gasoline for their vehicles that receive 1 percent cash back on purchases of gas at the national level on 31 December Buy December 2010.

We know that our customers stretch their budgets when they have to. Perfect Memorial Day and summer vacation, we look forward to the benefits they want gas-saving offer “, said Jane Thompson, president of Wal-Mart Financial Services. It way to help families to save.

  • WalMart Money Card Prepaid Visa Debit card payment, which is only $ 3 cost of the acquisition it was not necessary to check a bank account or credit card never found. Customers buy a new Walmart Money Card Cash Back Program automatically be entered, and customers who already Walmart Money Cards, it’s easy to register. Money has to balance the Walmart replacement card.

The Walmart Money Card is a smart way to manage your money, said Thompson. It certainly protected money loss or theft. Many of our customers, replaced Walmart Cash Money Card and help them to do what needs to be done, such as paying bills or shopping online can be.

Walmart Money Card issued by GE Money Bank additional services Green Dot is available in the United States Walmart Walmart Store and Money Cards can be used anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. Walmart Money Card is by zero liability in the visa policy, which protects the holder of an illegal contract, fraud and theft, and protected if the card is lost or stolen. ** For more information www.walmartmoneycard.com.

With the Walmart Money Card

Walmart Money Card can be used for many purposes, be used such as:

  • Shop anywhere Visa is accepted, including Internet and walmart.com
  • Direct deposit of your salary on paper
  • Cash from ATMs around the world millions of Get *
  • Pay bills including cable TV, telephone and other
  • Cost of gas, food and much more
  • Use buy in restaurants, hotel reservations, airline tickets
  • Follow-up expenses and the balance e-mail/SMS Alerts

Walmart Money Services

Wal-Mart is a leading provider of money at an affordable price in order to manage clients’ money and manage your finances on track. The company believes that customers in the past year $ 450,000,000 for the provision of cash compensation recorded Walmart.

These services include:

  • At Walmart Check collections can pay the customer in cash or easily controlled by the government, including tax refund checks, $ 3
  • Walmart under the law of the three days, day after day and the possibility of providing support and prices from 88 cents.
  • MoneyGram Money Transfer Customers can send money to family and friends around the world in a few minutes, and a very low price.

About Wal-Mart

Every week, millions of customers visit Walmart Stores, Neighborhood Markets and Sam Club in the United States and enter the online store at www.walmart.com. The company and its Foundation is committed to a philosophy, locally available. Wal-Mart is proud to be the causes that are important to customers and employees to support them in their neighborhoods, and last year a total of $ 467000000 in cash and in kind donations to local communities in the United States. For more information, visit www.walmartstores.com Walmart.

  • Wal-Mart Money Card issued by GE Money Bank, Member FDIC, under license from Visa USA, Inc. offers a new Green Dot Corporation. The selling price per month cash and other charges may apply. View Property Agreement for further information. Not in all states.

** Certain restrictions and lost part of a replacement card can be used. See Your liability for unauthorized use of your PIN or Walmart Money Card card agreement for more information .


Walmart Home Office spokesperson: Linda Blakley, 800-331-0085
Media contact: Susan Morgenstern, Mitchell Communications Group, 479-301-8345
Walmart information online: www.walmartstores.com; Merchandise sales: www.walmart.com Walmart MoneyCard: www.walmartmoneycard.com

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